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Full Name: Deb Green
Username: LadyAnimus
Other Aliases: Lady Animus, Black Arrow, Debbers
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Birthday: 07 Dec 1989
LadyAnimus will be 28 this year.
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MSN: xblack_arrowx (at) NOSPAMhotmail · com
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Main Gallery (53): Fan Art - Animation/Comic (5), Fan Art - Celebrity (1), Furry / Anthropomorphic (16), Humanoid (5), Miscellaneous (26)

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  Erm... Hi? +is hiding behind computer chair, slowly comes out and sits down+ I'm Deb, short for Debbie. But just call me Deb . I live in England and I like to doodle. I call all my drawings doodles because they aren't good enough to be called drawings, unless I am proud of it, then I will call it a picture. Confused? Me too.. O.+

I mostly doodle horses.. although I do like to doodle my little Nim Nu's, or my Little Weird Vampire Dude Thingy-Ma-Googies. Yes, that's what they are called.. o.O

Aaaanyway.. I have to do all my uploading with a digital camera, because our scanner has decided to go into a coma.. soo.. +prods it+ It will not work.. Bah! So I apologise for the poor quality of the pictues... and the pictures themselves

I have no idea what to say so... I am just going to return to my little corner +nods and wanders off+

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01 Nov 2006 - 17:16 ET
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thanks for you comment as well. great gallery you have here. just keep on practicing and exploreing new things and you will get there in time. dont give up even though it can be hard at times

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