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Full Name: Tasha The Aardvark
Username: MiseriaCantare
Other Aliases: Tasha
Joined Side 7: 28 Mar 2008
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Sex: Female
Birthday: 07 Nov 1988
MiseriaCantare will be 32 this year.
Location: MS, United States
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Webpage: My FA account-Houses My ADULT work
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Main Gallery (6): Furry / Anthropomorphic (6)

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Currently Accepting: Both
Preferred Categories: Furry / Anthropomorphic

My real name is Natasha, but I'd like it if friends, even future friends, call me Tasha.

I draw furry art mostly, but have been known to draw a human here or there xD
I've been drawing furry for about 2 years now. It hasn't been easy learning it, but the variety and unlimited amount of imagination you can pack into each drawing makes it all worth while.

I'm open for Commissions, art trades, and requests. I don't like to do fan art...but if thats REALLY what you want, I'm sure I could give it a try.

Thanks for checking out my little corner of Side7~I hope you like what you see :D

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01 Apr 2008 - 10:42 ET

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Hi there, welcome to Side7! Nice gallery you have, you have a very unique style here. ^_^
30 Jun 2008 - 20:04 ET

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Tasha The Aardvark :