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Full Name: Natorra Red-wolf
Username: Natorra
Other Aliases: Natty
Joined Side 7: 30 Jul 2007
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Sex: Female
Birthday: 18 Jan 1988
Natorra turned 32 this year.
Location: MB, CANADA
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Webpage: My Deviantart
AIM: NatorraNatoure
Yahoo! IM: Natorrachan
MSN: Red-wolf-Inc
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Main Gallery (5): Humanoid (1), Miscellaneous (4)

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Currently Accepting: Both
Preferred Categories: Fan Art - Animation/Comic
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Furry / Anthropomorphic

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  Hello, I'm Natorra Red-wolf.

I'm a 19 year old girl just barley making a living. I mainly do Art Commission for work because there is very little work available where I am.

I also do Commission for a living, And right now I'm trying to go back home. So please help me out if you can you can E-mail me at Or just PM me.

There a picture of me below~ Yes that is really the color of my hair! *Has been asked too many times**

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