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  Yo, you wanna read this? Get the matchsticks out and prop your eyelids open then ...

I'm a teen who LOVES TMNT, and if you don't know what that is, then I suggest you cruise around the 'Net. That HAD to be sed first ... I love tons of things, so many that I'm not gonna name them in case I stupidly forget something that I shudn't have. I'm always open for comments and advice on how to improve my art, but take anything without asking and you can answer to my faithful, and bloodthirsty Sais. I'm not all THAT bad, I'm sorry of the impression I might give, I have a few personalities. If anyone wants to borrow a character or anything, ask kindly and I'd be happy to give permission ... The kinda things I like are anything except romance, UNLESS it's funny, and maybe tragic. I have no interest in love and stuff like that, mine lies with four green guy, who, damn the borning world, are not real, or if they are I'm thousands of miles away from them. Coz I'm British, it's probably likely that I haven't seen many TMNT stuff -- WRONG, I've seen it all, TV wise. I've watched the new and old cartoons, all three movies, and the Next Mutation live show, and own most of that lot ... Sorry, I'm going into the TMNT topic again, can't help it. Now into X Men Evolution topic .. heheheh... jk

So... matchsticks still there? Okay, I love fantasy creatures a lot, tho I don't draw much. I mostly dedicate my skills to TMNT, and haven't drawn anything of my own creation in a while. My skills ARE NOT the best, I admit I have a long way to go before I cud call myself an 'artist'. It may luk like I can draw, but the pics I post are only the best that I've come up with, what you think they;re my first? That they just flow from the pencil with no erasing? No way, that's my biggest prob with drawing, I erase a lot - my carpet is practically covered with bits. So, don't hate me as some have told me they do, my first drawings are mostly bad anyways.

Apart from - *snap* ... was that your matchsticks breaking? ... *cough* Apart from drawing I love to read and write, and my stories can be found on, under my Alias name on here. I write - can u guess before I say? - TMNT fiction, tho I have written a few others that I have not posted, and unfortunately lost before I cud do so (damn this stupid computer, and the sad thing is, I love this thing). I read other fics tho, apart from TMNT, and I have many ideas of my own. If U wanna check out a few things I like in the film universe, scope out my bio on

All of my art (dun one computer) will luk pretty messy, meaning the lines with luks jaggered or something, because I draw with the mouse. I swear if I knew how to make those lines smoother, I wud.

Oh, btw, no one call me Laura, it's Raphaella, okay? Okay. So, Ciao, Cya, Turtle Power and I'm finished.

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01 Jun 2004 - 19:17 ET
1 Comment

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Defunct User Account
20 Feb 2004 - 18:57 ET
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Thank you very much for all the kind comments you've been leaving on my NBC art ^_^ It really means a lot to me.
OMG you're a TMNT fan?? Me too! :D
Anyway, you've got great art also, I shall come back to check you from time to time! ^_^

Defunct User Account
10 Jan 2004 - 14:59 ET
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Awsome art! I just loafs all your detail and the colour (like odd bird attracted to pretty colours and shinny thing teehee). Keep it up!
and thank you for my comment toooooooooo *hugs*

Defunct User Account
15 Dec 2003 - 12:57 ET
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11 Dec 2003 - 17:37 ET

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Yep. I'm a fan. Like your stuff man!

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