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Full Name: Angel Judkins
Username: Red_Angel
Other Aliases: Red
Joined Side 7: 01 Dec 2003
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Sex: Female
Birthday: 07 Jun 1988
Red_Angel will be 33 this year.
Location: Maine
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AIM: number4206669
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MSN: lil_devil_309 (at) NOSPAMhotmail · com
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Main Gallery (18): Fan Art - Celebrity (1), Furry / Anthropomorphic (1), Miscellaneous (16)

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Furry / Anthropomorphic

  Wow, this is all new to me, to have my art on a website and people to comment on it! I LOVE IT! bu whahahaa. Well anyway, most of my drawings are sketches then I redraw them as a finish. I hate markers or crayons I like coloured pencils so much more. I sometimes use just pens but.. fourtunatley... someone decided to be funny and break my pen in half here at school umm... want to know anything else? Email me then... I love to read emails even if they are about nothing at all.  

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