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Full Name: Shishi Osa
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Main Gallery (4): Furry / Anthropomorphic (1), Humanoid (1), Miscellaneous (2)

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Additional Commission Info: I'll warn you, I'm currently very slow on the drawings. My hands and arms don't always do what I tell them, but if you have an interesting idea and are willing to wait. I'm willing to try.

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Yes,I am indeed the Shishiosa that was on FurryMUCK, Furnation, and the Napping Cat's Dream for years. I haven't done much artwork in recent years, due to a variety of issues including a great deal of arm pain which doesn't seem to be getting better. I'd love to fire up the imagination and drag a few things that have been stuck in my head for years to visual life, but unfortunately it hasn't happened.

I have piles of unfinished sketches that I may need to force myself to finish up some day (including a piratical centauress that anyone checking up on me should know of) and I will try to...but it is very difficult these days.

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