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Full Name: Nate Alig
Username: Simon_Noir
Other Aliases: Trash Kitten
Joined Side 7: 19 May 2002
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Sex: Male
Birthday: 29 May 1984
Simon_Noir will be 35 this year.
Location: California, United States
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Yahoo! IM: trash_kitten13
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Main Gallery (62): Fan Art - Anime/Manga (1), Fan Art - TV/Movie (4), Furry / Anthropomorphic (49), Humanoid (3), Miscellaneous (5)

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  If you saw my old Bio, pay it no mind. My childhood sucked, lets just leave it at that.

I am a depressed, introverted, 'hope I die tomorrow' kind of person, but I can deal with it.

I'm goth and I live in Santa Cruz, people say I'm good looking, but I dont think so (You can be the judge) Want to take a peek into my poor excuse for a life? Go to my website, ummmm...thats all.

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25 Oct 2003 - 23:18 ET

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nice to finally meet a fellow pessimist.
jeez, you're art is good. keep it up, i need something to look at

i gotta get me some of those gloves!!

25 Oct 2003 - 20:29 ET

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O_O Dear god. I love your style, you skillz are awesome ^______^!!!

And the gloves.. *clings*

Nice work, keep it up, and hopefully you'll become even better!

Defunct User Account
16 Sep 2003 - 16:36 ET
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your stuff is awesome! i stuck you in my museum so i can always check to see your new uploads. the pessimistic comments at the end of each description are beatuiful to behold.
meghan rachelle

30 Aug 2003 - 17:09 ET
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Hey. I just wanted to say that I really like your art. Keep drawing.

(Anonymously Posted)
26 Apr 2003 - 07:27 ET
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I love commenting on your pictures so now I will comment on your gallery. I visit your gallery daily and it's the one I comment on the most. Heehee, me loves your pictures

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