Side 7 David Walch (Zentron)
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Main Zentron Profile

  Profile Data  
Personal Data:
Full Name: David Walch
Username: Zentron
Other Aliases: Zentron
Joined Side 7: 31 Dec 2001
Online: User Offline Offline
Last Seen: Today
Sex: Male
Location: Manchester, United Kingdom
Contact Information:
Webpage: Rim Entertainment
Gallery Information:
Main Gallery (98): 3D Media / Sculpture (1), Fan Art - Animation/Comic (57), Fan Art - Anime/Manga (3), Fan Art - TV/Movie (10), Fan Art - Other (1), Furry / Anthropomorphic (3), Humanoid (19), Miscellaneous (4)
Favourites (3): Humanoid (2), Miscellaneous (2)

  Art Trades & Commissions  
Currently Accepting: None
Preferred Categories: Fan Art - Anime/Manga

  Who I'm Watching  

  Currently, I am doing quite a few projects, including an Anime, from which you can see some of my design work on my gallery, and two computer games.

Hopefully, I can release them in about a year or so!

  My Latest Journal Entry  
No journal entries so far.

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