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  It's been a while.

I've been inactive on Side7 for quite some time, but I"m finally getting back into the swing of things and updating again. You'll notice a dramatic change from my earlier images. I used to really suck...and now I dont 'suck quite so much. ;p

Anyway, about me: I"m seventeen, female, and I ADORE dragons. I dont' care what kind; Asian, European, aquatic or land-dwelling, I dont' care. I"m also a fencer and lover or swords and other shiny, pointy things. I love movies and I *LOVE* books, mostly ones that fall into the fantasy/science fiction genre (as you'll notice most of my art does as well). I also love comic books and superheroes, my favorites are the X-men, and role-playing games. So basically, I'm a huge geek ^_^

But enough about me. If you have any requests/comissions for artwork, please let me know and I"ll be happy to do what I can for you. Thanks for stopping by!

(All photos below were taken by Li-chan (Side 7 username: liliwagn)

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(Anonymously Posted)
20 May 2003 - 19:41 ET
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Aeryn-chan, you know you are totally awesome. I can't believe how amazing you've gotten coloring with Prismacolored pencils, it really inspires me to dig up my own and start coloring! Keep up the great work and soon, Question Quest will LIVE!
08 Jun 2003 - 18:05 ET

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Question Quest WILL live! It's almost summer, so we'll have plenty of time to work on it. Thank you for saying that I am awesome! Of course, I could never compare to my amazing big sis! You rock, Li-chan!

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