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Full Name: Aki Tan
Username: boredslacker
Other Aliases: Aki Tan, Boredslacker
Joined Side 7: 17 Oct 2004
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Webpage: Boredslacker
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Main Gallery (46): Furry / Anthropomorphic (3), Humanoid (20), Miscellaneous (23)

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  Most of the stuff I do isn't exactly 'real' art, in the sense that I picked up a brush and applied it to canvas, but more of the digital type, where I pick up a PS brush and Paintbucket and splash it all over the PS canvas. Does that count as art? *wonder*

I also tend to draw women, wonder why, and most of my colouring is done with either my limited range of Copic markers, or my almost-outdated Photoshop 6.

I have a website, that's currently under construction. You can take a look if ya want:

The website holds links to my other art, and my online comic.

I also have prints and others at:

[and hopefully buy something too. *cough cough*]

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