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Full Name: Nina R
Username: catdogali
Other Aliases: Psychoteenie
Joined Side 7: 03 Aug 2004
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Sex: Female
Birthday: 31 Jul 1988
catdogali will be 31 this year.
Location: Texas, United States
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Webpage: Nina
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AIM: catdogali
Yahoo! IM: milootis2001
MSN: catdogali (at) NOSPAMhotmail · com
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Main Gallery (6): Fan Art - Anime/Manga (2), Miscellaneous (4)

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  I like editing pictures that I take. I like taking pictures in general. Drawing I just sort of got into...still not patient to sit down and draw something from my head. But maybe I'll get more into this year when my friend tries to help me draw.  

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