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Full Name: Cinda 7
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cinda7 turned 33 this year.
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  Hello there! I'm Cinda 7 the ALMIGHTY CARTOONIST! *Squee!* I like to draw... STUFF! Yeah, stuff! Man do I love to draw. It's my life. In fact, I want to become a cartoonist. I like to draw my own original characters, or fanart. (I mostly do fanart for Invader Zim. That's such a kewl show. Too bad Nickelodeon cancelled it! >.<) And I also have PSP7 (Paint Shop Pro 7) So you can expect my drawing to be filled wiff purdy colorfulness!
Oh, and I do take requests and art trade... thingies.
Well, I'm 14 years old, I wear glasses, have brown hair and eyes and I'm a complete hermit. I like to spend my life drawing in my room or on the comp chatting wiff mah budz.
I'd also like to say hi to all my friends: Irken Tech Zan, Kit, and all my other close personal friends that I know in person. Let's not forget my online friends Tak and Fox. Thanks for being such great friends! You guys rule! ^_^V
Oh one last thing. I just wanna let ya know ahead of time... I'M INSANE!!!

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08 Aug 2002 - 07:32 ET
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YEY! I love your gallery! ^-^ Ahm always enjoyin yer art Cinda-Keep on kickin'

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