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Full Name: Emily McGorman
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emilmcgo turned 34 this year.
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  Yey! People want to know about lil old me??? Well My name's Emily and I'm from the good old UK ^_^ I'm 17 have a job in a toy shop (The best shop in the world) and I attend a sixth form college... though I dunno for how much longer ^^;;;

I'd pretty much say I am easy to get along with so if you fancy a chat don't be afraid!

My site is my own and it's dedicated to my favourite animal in the whole world!! The Frog!! Check it out!! I hope you like them!

The pictures are as follows, from the left... We have me and my Boyfriend Jon... this is at work but it's on a "Sports day" so we're not in uniform! Next is a photo of me! *shrugs* yeah that's lil old me, on a good day! And the other one is me with my "Exodia the forbidden one" trading card! Yeah! I'm proud of that card!!! LMAO!

Later days!!

REGULAR VIEWERS PLEASE NOTE! I've just moved my gallery about a bit and now all my original works are spread accross Misc and Humanoid! Basically it means that pictures of my friends are no longer in the Anime category! Thank you!

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(Anonymously Posted)
13 Jan 2003 - 21:46 ET
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(Anonymously Posted)
19 Dec 2002 - 18:23 ET
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Weeeheeee! I love your art! It's all awesome! I can't wait to do an art trade! It's gonna be FUN! BTW which ones are your original characters, and do you have a manga or anything yet? Cause you SHOULD cause you're TALENTED!!!!

tina foster
(Anonymously Posted)
30 Oct 2002 - 18:08 ET
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Hiya Emily,
Your my bestest buddy and I think your the greatest this site is so awesome anyways I'll be seeing you at work.

Big Hugz

Luv Tina oxoxox

(Anonymously Posted)
25 Jul 2002 - 19:20 ET
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em............U HAVE THE BEST GALLARY IN THE WHOLE WORLD!!!!!!!!! (and amii 2 hehe ~_^) KEEP IT UP I LUV IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *glomps* HAPPY B DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Anonymously Posted)
22 Jul 2002 - 18:12 ET
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Awesome anime style and great ideas. ^-^ You go girl!

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