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Full Name: Jennifer Shasta
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firedrake will be 34 this year.
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  I live in Colorado and go to school in Oregon. I ski, fence, write, draw (duh), dabble in Flash MX and web design. I've been doing art for as long as I can remember. I most enjoy drawing fantasy-type creatures and animals, but I'll do the occasional human if the mood so strikes me. I've gotten really into digital art the past couple years and would probably shrivle up and die without my wonderful Graphire tablet. My second favorite medium would probably be graphite, but working on Jabberwocky helped me rediscover my love for colored pencils.
... um... I guess that's about it. So enjoy my gallery and feel free to leave comments!

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22 Mar 2004 - 02:50 ET

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You have such a lovely gallery! I like the "phoenix" picture! very nicely done!!

30 Oct 2003 - 08:46 ET

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I see you like making dragons and stuff pertaining to dragons. Although I think you are very good, there is room for impovement, like try looking at other peoplez versions of dragons and whatever, anatomy helps as well ^-^''' sorry for that but i think you have great potential for being a great artist in this area of drawing. And another thing, you said in "Legend of the Black Dragon" that your not too good at drawing humans. Expend your knowledge of dragons into human, then slowly into whatever kind of thinks u like. Like the Triangle thing. Now that is amazing lol. Anyways, enough of speech ^-^''' But wonderful work, I enjoyed looking at you gallery very much. (=^-^

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