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Full Name: Rebecca Lamey
Username: Furrball
Other Aliases: Furrball
Joined Side 7: 14 Feb 2000
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Sex: Female
Birthday: 28 Dec 1975
Furrball will be 44 this year.
Location: Virginia, USA
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Webpage: Side 7 - The Artist's Archive
AIM: greycatfurr
ICQ: 95931026
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Main Gallery (2): Furry / Anthropomorphic (2)

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Preferred Categories: Fan Art - Anime/Manga
Furry / Anthropomorphic

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  I'm a head admin of Side 7 (the other being my husband, Bad Karma) and co-owner of the site. I don't really consider myself an artist, but that doesn't stop me from buying expensive art supplies and trying to scratch stuff out, anyway. At some point in time, BK is going to start giving me art lessons. As of yet, I've had nothing approximating formal training, and can't decently sketch any image that sits in my brain.

In real life, I make my paycheque from time spent troubleshooting Nextel's web machines, and installing new code for phone features. I am not to blame for their cell service, though. ^_^

BK and I try not to spend all our time working on Side 7. When I do manage to wrangle time away from it, I enjoy crafts (cross-stitch, crochet, knit, sewing), reading, and playing old computer games. I also, in addition to working full time, attend college part time. I'm working towards my BS in Computer Science.

Our house hosts 9 cats and one snake. We would also have pet rodents, but we're still trying to get over last year's death of our adorable hamster, Pika. No, we had never considered letting her play with the snake... please don't ask that... the joke got old a long time ago.

As of the writing of this bio, BK and I are coming up on one year of marriage. Eventually, the behind-the-scenes site should have wedding photos on it.

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