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Full Name: Jordan Gregory
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invader_bast will be 33 this year.
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  'Ello 'ello! Welcome to Bast's little page of doom. Bast is me. I am Bast. Sometimes.

Bast is one part moron, one part bookworm, one part gothic-artist, and another part moron. She draws fan art or Jhonen Vasquez related junk, that she hardly calls 'art', or RPG related stuff. She does some orignal artwork, but usally doesn't post it.

Bast is good, Bast is great. Loce. @_@

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18 Jan 2005 - 04:50 ET

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HEy,yor fan arts are pretty good works. Your own characters and IZ fan arts are wonderful drawings. Congratulations *^_^*

[ CarmillaD's Biography ]

02 Mar 2004 - 02:12 ET

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amazing gallery you have^^! the coloring is really beautiful!!

26 Nov 2003 - 20:31 ET

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I like your style! Your art is so good. I just recently spent my two hours of computer time looking threw your gallery cuz I was bored...I forget how I stumbled across it...probably hoping around on S7. Sadly I have never watches invader Zim wich is where these little green alien keep popping up? Yeah whatever well you draw good plus you rp right? Double goodness!!! But yeah. You draw good whoo-hoo!

(Anonymously Posted)
06 Jun 2002 - 14:14 ET
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I LOVE your drawings! DaiDaiDaiDaiDai! I especially love the way you do eyes and antenna! JEWEL EFFECT! JEWEL EFFECT!!! WOO!!

(Anonymously Posted)
28 Apr 2002 - 04:08 ET
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Eeeeeeee! I just today discovered Side7 (thanks to a link from AF's ff.n page) and found you! Yay! Love the gallery! Love ya, sista.

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