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this is my account at Side 7!!!!!!!!!
I don't have much to say right now....
just that i don't have any art yet cuz we just got a scanner and we dont' know how to work it yet.....
i'll probably go to my best friend's house and scan something so i have art sooner!
I am 12 years old (as you can see form my bday) and i go to TFS. I have a border collie called Gracie and i love anime. One of my best friends mkelle first introduced it to me. Thankies mkelle!
I'm definitely NOT as good as her at drawing anime but i try! and i think i'm getting better *_^

i'm really interested in what anyone has to say about anything concerning me so just email me at...
and you can tell me what you wanna tell me

Oh ya.... your probably wondering what all those pics mean below...well.... the horses are all my favorite horses from Sunnybrook (the barn where i ride) But the white arabian is my *hem hem* dream horse with dream name (amazing grace) I've never met this particular horse (i just found the image on google) but if i ever got a horse that would be my dream horse.

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