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  Hey folks. The name's Crystal. I've been on Side7 for a while, but just recently started updating my site with newer pictures. I've been quite busy with life in general and issues I needed to sort out and such. But, now I'm back. With more artwork, that will hopefully just keep getting better. Well, now for the basics. I'm 17 at the moment, but shall be 18 this Sepember the fourth of the wonderfull year of 2005. Happy New Year by the by. Even if it is a little late. I have naturally brown hair, but since I started dyeing it it has been fire engine red, orange, purple, and a color they call red rose. And the list will only get better. I have a fetish for piercings. I love body piercings. I have 9 total in my ears, but none anywhere else because I'm not 18 yet>_< Lets see, I'm female in case you can't tell. lol. I have a big fetish for anything lolita like. Lacey, frilly, puffy things. Yes yes, and I like leather too. I'm a goth in case anyone cares to know, my dad hates me for it. lol. Umm... what else... I have a fetish for crosses as well, don't know why, I just love them. I'm not religious in any way possible though. Favorite colors would be red, black, purple, and gold. I'm a big J-Rock fanatic. Gotta love those crazy J-Rockers and their awesomely spiffy music. Malice Mizer, Dir en Grey, X-Japan, Glay, Moi dix Mois, and Penicillin being a few of my favorites. Gackt is spiffy too. Anything else you want to know, e-mail me or chat me up on MSN or AIM. I'm online alot for many of things, so, i'm not that hard to get ahold of. The pictures below are of the lovely moi. The first one is my senior photo, also was taken before I started dyeing my hair, so that's mt natural hair color right there. Wasn't to happy about that photo shoot. My mom made me dress up all... prissy... and where the dreaded pink. It was evil. The next ones are of a little photo shoot thing me and my friend Michelle did one night when we got bored. We put makeup on and posed and such, those are just a few out of the 99 pictures we took. T'was a fun/interesting night. And the last Black and White pictures were from another photoshoot we did on Halloween night in 2004. That was fun to do as well. We took the first one on a bench at the local park, and the last one was taken on some spiffy stairs behind the local theater. Yes. There ya go, have fun looking through my gallery, comments welcome, and enjoy. Later.

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14 Nov 2003 - 21:25 ET

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Hi, your Chibi_Jack_rum_barrel_fin2.jpg caught my attention (absolutely love it, definitly kawaii!) and so I discided to look at your art gallery. Since your images for some reason wont let me comment I'm doing so here. I love pirates and your drawings of them are absolutely wonderful, love your style and coloring skills. I cant see anything wrong with the way you draw any of your art, the doodles are great and the finished pictures are wonderful. Keep up the good work!
15 Nov 2003 - 12:21 ET

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I'm sorry about you not being able to comment on my pics. Someone just told me that there's an option that I need to click to turn the commenting on?! So, I'm going to go fix that problem and then feel free to comment. Sorry bout' that again, but thanks for your one big comment! lol ^_^
~Show Rosacea

Defunct User Account
14 Nov 2003 - 20:29 ET
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16 Nov 2003 - 08:01 ET

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