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Full Name: Sparky the Seventh Chaos
Username: sparky_7th_chaos
Other Aliases: Sparky the Seventh Chaos is my universal nickname.
Joined Side 7: 11 Aug 2003
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Sex: Female
Birthday: 13 Sep 1987
sparky_7th_chaos will be 34 this year.
Location: Oregon
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Main Gallery (30): Fan Art - Animation/Comic (1), Fan Art - Game (15), Fan Art - Other (3), Furry / Anthropomorphic (10), Humanoid (1)

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Preferred Categories: Fan Art - Animation/Comic
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Furry / Anthropomorphic

  If you want to contact me, please e-mail me at . That's my secondary e-mail, and I only check it about once a week or so, but I'm paranoid about giving my main one out. So, I will get back to you eventually. ^_^'

Well, I have a very nice, already written bio for my writer's account at, so...

*copy/pastes with some alterations from bio*

Hey there, fellow artists and art enthusiasts! I am the entity known as Sparky the Seventh Chaos. I am the entity known as Sparky the Seventh Chaos. Within this Universe, I'm a 17-year-old human female. However, my alter ego is a dragoness who trains Pokémon and likes to stare at people from the gap between realities, especially with friends. I can be the quiet sort, the weird kid in the corner of the classroom who keeps to herself, or I can be the hyper sort, the weird kid who runs up to people sputtering nonsense about fish and tacos, and then of course somewhere in between. I think a lot, sometimes deeply, sometimes not. I write, obviously, and I draw a lot. Videogames are my passion, and thus most of my fanfics center around them. Favorite series include Sonic the Hedgehog, Pokémon, Metroid, Ecco the Dolphin, The Legend of Zelda, and the odd Harvest Moon game, among others. Stand-alone faves include Super Smash Bros. Melee (so much better than the great original), Skies of Arcadia, and Jet Force Gemini. As you can see, I have both mainstream and obscure tastes in games.

I also love music, mostly classic rock'n'roll. The 1990's, for me, had, well... very bad music, unless of course you count videogames. And so, I like the older stuff; it had more feeling, in my opinion.

Favorite movies? I’d have to say, at the moment, my two favorite movies of all time are Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron and Disney’s rendition of The Hunchback of Notre Dame. But I like other ones, too, yup! Let’s see... there’s Osmosis Jones, most Disney animated films, both Balto movies... I like some anime, like Kiki’s Delivery Service... um... really, I don’t watch that many movies. Also, I'm a bit of an animation nut - just am.

Lesse... books... I liked the Watership Down books, The Call of the Wild, Raptor Red, Animal Farm, and The Book of the Dun Cow. Of course I like many other novels, those are just some of my faves. ^_^

And, since I like writing as well as drawing, here's the link to my account:

On commissions/art trades:
I don't have any coloring tools for my off-computer work, so I only work in pencil. On computer, I only have the program Paint; I can do some reasonably cool stuff with it, but... well, it's Paint. I've also got an account at the Side7 Oekaki, but I am still kinda learning the ropes there. Anyhow, I will draw just about aything... as long as it's not human. This is not a slam against the species; it's just that I need a LOT of practice with humans, so if you commission a human character from me, I will likely only be able to use him or her as an experiment for my artistic growth. ^^' Anyhow, as before, drop me a line at yahoo, and I'll attempt to get back to you. ^_^

Oh, and payment for commissions... well, if you seem nice enough, I'll probably just do things for free at this time. Art trades are probably the best idea if you really want to pay me - I can't accept money, for one thing, dunno why anyone would want to pay me for my sketches, but enh. ^_^

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02 May 2004 - 08:53 ET

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To say you were a weird artist would be a under statement. Just has saying your insane has Van Gogh after 30 hits to the head with a shovel would be a under statement. Regardless of that, you are a good artist.
22 Aug 2004 - 09:08 ET

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Your now obligated to comment on my work or etc. etc. Post more work by the way. Always interesting to see what you cook up.

30 Dec 2003 - 02:00 ET

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Cute gallery!
30 Dec 2003 - 02:02 ET

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Why thank you! ^_^ Thanks for commenting! ^_^

Defunct User Account
23 Dec 2003 - 09:10 ET
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Hey there,
sorry i was unable to get back to you sooner, you are the 1st person to comment on my stuff on side7 for ages, i moved along to, but hey, thankyou a bunch, glad you liked it, id better run now, its kinda late, hey, il write your gallery down and come visit you once in a while, ok gotta run

With thanks KhaLis

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