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Full Name: Tabatha Warner
Username: tabawarn
Other Aliases: Itsihoka
Joined Side 7: 27 Mar 2002
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Sex: Female
Birthday: 01 Dec 1985
tabawarn will be 36 this year.
Location: New York, USA
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AIM: Itsihoka
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Main Gallery (58): Fan Art - Animation/Comic (1), Fan Art - TV/Movie (5), Furry / Anthropomorphic (5), Humanoid (14), Miscellaneous (33)

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Currently Accepting: Both
Preferred Categories: Fan Art - Anime/Manga
Furry / Anthropomorphic

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Lynne (lynne)

  My name is Tabatha. Some of you may know me as Itsihoka or Arsenic. That is all for now. I'm tired.  

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(Anonymously Posted)
12 Jun 2002 - 21:08 ET
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tabby..your art is could be famous one day

Lu Cifer
(Anonymously Posted)
05 Apr 2002 - 05:42 ET
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Private Comment
07 Apr 2002 - 19:39 ET

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Thanks, Lu! I love the photo you have in the Group, would like to see more! If you like to draw, why don't you get an account here? It's really nice. Thanks a ton for the comment, it makes me feel kinda nice inside, and I got all smiley!

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