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Full Name: Clem Martin
Username: wolfghost27
Other Aliases: hm, i go by 27 or wolfghost or KigerMustang....
Joined Side 7: 03 Dec 2003
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Last Seen: It's been a while...
Sex: Female
Birthday: 02 Jul 1989
wolfghost27 turned 31 this year.
Location: Naptown, MD, US (yeah!)
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Main Gallery (19): Fan Art - Animation/Comic (1), Fan Art - Celebrity (3), Fan Art - TV/Movie (1), Furry / Anthropomorphic (11), Humanoid (1), Miscellaneous (2)

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Currently Accepting: Both
Preferred Categories: Fan Art - Animation/Comic
Fan Art - Celebrity
Fan Art - TV/Movie
Fan Art - Other
Furry / Anthropomorphic

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Emily Zombie (A_Bat_Zombie)

  Yeah! hey, 27 here. I have stuff to say about myself....but i dunno where to i won't.....which shows you i'm lazy....OH! i like pop-tarts! (inside joke, if you are Alex you know who i am)  

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