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This image is of Set, the Egyptian god of storms, disorder, and the god who fought against Apep as Ra traveled through the heavens each night. In the 'Chaos and the Underworld' books, he's a friend of Avath's. Set was my first attempt at drawing a character with non-human features.

The drawing was created through the use of reference photos (a lot of reference photos...) and the D&D book "Deities & Demigods' @ 2002 edition. Set will be featured in the 'Chaos' guidebook as he is in the drawing, though colored in.

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Posted: Wednesday, 23 November, 2022 @ 07:50 PM

→be the patron god of foreigners →Egypt gets invaded by a procession of foreign armies →become as iconic an evil as the chaos snek you slew →mfw

Posted: Wednesday, 23 November, 2022 @ 08:51 PM

@Thorvald: Very true! Set was a very complicated god in some ways and some of the Pharaohs such as Ramessess I and the Hyksos rulers of Egypt worshipped him!

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