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Sealed Away
Sealed Away by Janna Fong (@jfong)

Adult Reborn and Viper from KHR. T-chan and I decided to create our own interpretation of what might have happened when the Arcobaleno entered the cave where they'll be cursed to remain as babies in exchange for receiving the power of the pacifiers.

We wanted to further challenge ourselves and have separately drawn characters directly interacting with each other. I love how you can sense the pull of Reborn's clothing in Viper's fists. We both came up with our own renditions of how the characters would look in their true adult forms. T-chan even went ahead and drew Viper's face! (A cloak-covered face would have been cheating. =P)

After finishing the characters, I went in and added a bg in Photoshop. I'm not the best bg colorist, so it was a bigger challenge than drawing Reborn. D: However, I came up with something passable, at least for me. Can you tell it's a rock wall?

Drawn in OpenCanvas 1.1 Bg done in Photoshop


Fan Art - Anime/Manga
Finished Work
15 years and 26 days ago
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