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Old Zelda Comic Page 2.
Old Zelda Comic Page 2. by Miguel Castaneda (@migucast)

And the hilarity continues. ... [COUGH, COUGH] As you can see, Link wishes he had the animal magnetism that the first Link (AKA Bishounen Link from the N64 games and Smash Bros.) had with Ocarina's robust female cast and... Uh.. Fan girls. [COUGH]

And... What's THIS?! Red... Censored a nude shot?! HOW CAN THIS BE POSSIBLE?!!! Well, at the time, I still had my old GeoCities page and well... I HAD to make the comic "presentable". [GRUMBLE, GRUMBLE] Thank goodness I don't have to put up with that here. :p

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Posted: Thursday, 12 December, 2002 @ 03:46 AM


And I could argue too, but thankfully, I no longer have to. In a recent interview with Gamespy, Miyamoto and Aonuma stated that the multi-Link theory is quite correct as almost every other game brings forth a new Link to keep putting down Gannon's attempts to regain power. :) Now, if only the boneheads running the "official" Zelda site could get THEIR timelines straight, I'd be one happy Zelda fan. :p

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