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When you lost your love
When you lost your love by Sonitweek C (@manucote)

A bad pic...very bad. But I think is one of me best works ever...

in my stories with Syb, Jam and Sya-Mel are together. But in the future, a policeman with kill Saya-Ml. ( at the age of 32 years old..but for the moment she has 19)

So Jam, her love, willlost her, for the rest of his life...poor him. But Saya-Mel have a lot of lot of people will be down for a while. Raphael, her best friend...will cry a lot...

well this is the description of each characters. Start with the church: Tylender ( black hair) , Jack ( the brother of Saya-Mel), Macha and Pyro. Jam, her love ...poor him ( the guy with the flowers), Zak ( the leaderof his gang. The red guy) Maya and Lola, Kim, lit' Kali and Manic ( green punk guy), Shane, Féchak and Shadow ( black wings), Dally and Raphael ( yellow cat) Byron, Milenk and Mezany ( the older sister of Saya-Mel) and finally, the parents of Saya-Mel.

About 22 characters on the same pic, a record for me. took me 6 hours for color it with Prismacolor pencils only.

So if you wantot leave a comment , or a fav..please do it. I want to know what you think about this pic. Thanks

Artwork © Copyright 2003 Manuella Coté

Furry / Anthropomorphic
Finished Work
19 years and 191 days ago
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