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23 May 2024, 03:51 AM

Besides my health check I am making at least two comic series, but since I'm only one person I can work on two or one at time I already have the titles for them set.. I'm focused on StarFox: Armageddon right now. Why? a certain StarFox game(s) inspired me to make it.. well to make it as a alternate sequel to StarFox: Adventures, but have the dark story of StarFox: Assault and one of my favorite animes I watched in the past: Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood. If anyone has heard of that.

I have Serials or whatever they're called here.. anyway I have them set up I just didn't get started since I've been getting the assets together. Fyi I have no intentions to make money off of this it's just a fan series I want to make to show my love for StarFox as a whole since the mainline games are now dead, but I know the community as well as it's fanbase is still alive and well. Hopefully I can start a reputation on here and maybe get my original series back up and going. :)

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Posted: Thursday, 23 May, 2024 @ 07:13 PM

Ahh, Star Fox... Not being a console guy my only brush playing the actual games was visiting a cousin with an N64, but one friend was an absolute fanatic and I've picked up the lore through proximity. :p A comic deep-diving the darker aspects of the universe definitely piques my interest: its themes mark it as one of Nintendo's more mature properties, and A Fox in Space is one of the greatest fan projects I've ever seen. (Looking it up now, I'm utterly flabbergasted how little engagement the channel has outside the pilot WAIT WHAT DO YOU MEAN GAFFORD KNOWS TRACY BUTLER?!)

Posted: Thursday, 23 May, 2024 @ 10:40 PM

@Thorvald: oh yeah and the entire thing is being made in Blender, and the creator i forgot his name but all of the characters are hand drawn, for me i want to aim for a darker theme to add to the dystopian area Fox is in. I want to go that way because i played StarFox Assault and wow it has caught my attention, it's going to be a crossover with my characters because the story involve them and the star system they're from which is in Andromeda, yes i know it's a huge gap between that and the Milky way galaxy. Still. unlike a Fox in space mine is gonna be full 3D in Blender. Since i have a PC now.. i don't have to worry about turning down the quality anymore because i have more leeway to work with

Posted: Thursday, 23 May, 2024 @ 10:43 PM

@Thorvald: Plus i just want to give the fans what they want. Or try to give them what they want. Also i meant to say Era but i accidentally put in Area :P

Posted: Friday, 24 May, 2024 @ 05:04 PM

@Bubs_Cooper: Blimey, full 3D, you're braver than me. :P CGI comics' biggest challenge is clearing the Uncanny Valley, and what you've got hits that sweet spot of clean lighting and pseudo-cel shading. Looking forward to what you've got planned!

Posted: Friday, 24 May, 2024 @ 07:08 PM

@Thorvald: minus some effects but yeah it will be full 3d. i've been using Blender since i was 16 and i'm turning 27 next month. :P it was hard to learn but it was worth it in the end.. i'm still going to use Photoshop for the majority of the effects but Blender has been the bulk for my project. Plus i'm just doing this for fun and practice.

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