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Dream Journal 1
20 Nov 2023, 08:08 AM

I dreamed I was gifted a pair of magic boots by dwarves who showed up at my room on a foggy night. They told me that as long as I wore them, no harm would ever come my way. They were absolutely right, apparently, as later on the day I miraculously survived several attempted murders. My city had become a war zone and many times I've felt bullets flying just past my head, as if some force was moving them away. Not only that but mines and grenades would suddenly malfunction as I stepped in them. Vehicles that would ran me over would stop working the second they came close to me. Later at night the fog returned to my room, but instead of dwarves I was met by 5 ghosts, the blue ghost of a woman with a scythe, a tree that look like a skeleton and some black mass with bones attached, I don't remember the other 2 ghosts. They demanded the boots and I readily gave it to them. This apparently pleased the ghosts, who told me that the boots would go to protect someone else and they then proceeded to bless me

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Posted: Tuesday, 21 November, 2023 @ 10:30 PM

Now, later roleplay confirmed it was not the pistol that was magic, but this immediately reminds me of the Potts. D:

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