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Capy Bara

Sorry for the flood!
06 Jun 2024, 10:19 PM

I have more to upload but I have a lot of free time today and don't know when I'll make a new art gallery on my site 😅 Been neglecting FA and I don't know where else to post, I feel like I'm not professional enough for other alternative sites...

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Posted: Saturday, 08 June, 2024 @ 05:04 PM

Flood? What fl—


jk/lol you shoulda seen the peak of my mirroring :^)

Now that you mention it, what are the good alternatives? Nearly every site that's not capitulated to AI is aping the Twitter/Instagram design, and word through the grapevine is Sheezy3.0 is... shall we say aggressively adolescent in its user culture. :x

Posted: Saturday, 08 June, 2024 @ 07:28 PM

@Thorvald: I was hoping that the Sheezy reboot would be full of "veterans" but it's not 😓 Cara, Artstation, and Inkblot are too portfolio-oriented. A lot of competitors end up flopping. Furaffinity is mostly people selling commissions. Pixiv has AI stuff too and other issues.

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