Commission: Pokemon Stickers set 02
Commission: Pokemon Stickers set 02 by @Eternity9

Commission for OscartheSamurott



Telegram/Discord/Twitch Emote Sticker Commissions Are OPEN!!

~1 Telegram/Discord Emote Sticker = $2.50 AUD

~ 5 Telegram/Discord Emote Stickers = $12.50 AUD

~ 10 Telegram/Discord Emote Stickers = $25 AUD

~ 15 Telegram/Discord Emote Stickers = $37.50 AUD

~ 20 Telegram/Discord Emote Stickers = $50 AUD

~ 25 Telegram/Discord Emote Stickers = $62.50 AUD

~ 30 Telegram/Discord Emote Sticker = $75 AUD


~ If you want to pay me through Paypal, contact me through Notes

~ Feel free to ask questions regarding commissions


I refuse to draw:

-- Anything R rated

-- Anything with sexual content

-- Crude jokes

-- Nudity

-- Overly Morbid

-- Suicide scenes or anything that goes along those lines

-- Fetish Art

-- Adult/NSFW art work

-- Gore

ALSO: I have the right to decline a commission if it treads to far into any of the above

– I am okay drawing mild blood/violence

- Must have link to Character in question that you want me to draw. (Reference must be SFW)

- I will add due to personal reasons I don’t want to go into, I’m not okay drawing characters kissing on the lips, I’m fine drawing a character kissing the forehead, hand, cheek(On the face), but no where below the neck.


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