Side 7 Personnel Codes of Conduct

The following is the Code of Conduct guide for all employees and volunteers (Side 7 personnel) working for Side 7. These guidelines are to define appropriate behavior to help facilitate and care for the culture and community of Side 7.

Professional Conduct


Side 7 personnel will act professionally while representing Side 7. This means that during any action or interaction being made on behalf of Side 7, personnel will maintain a calm, polite, and professional demeanor. Our communications and other interactions should help build trust in us from our members and others.

Protection of Personal Information

The personal information that is provided to us from our membership is intended to remain private. Our membership is trusting us to do our best to maintain that privacy. Under no circumstances will Side 7 personnel release the personal information of any account to outside individuals or organizations.


Quickly addressing issues brought to our attention is paramount. Even a simple acknowledgement of the receipt of the communication can help the sender know they have been heard. A quick but carefully considered action made as a result of an issue brought to our attention is important to building a trustworthy reputation.

Descrimination, Harassment, Bullying

Side 7 does not tolerate descrimination, harassment, or bullying of any kind. Side 7 personnel will not engage in any behavior that is discriminatory based on race, sexuality, gender identity, religiocity, ableness, or any other protected class of persons. Side 7 personnel will not harass, intimidate, or torment any member or other person. We work hard to build our community and make it a welcoming place for everyone; let's continue to grow it with friendliness and empathy.

Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment of anyone is not tolerated. Side 7 personnel will not engage in, encourage, or ignore sexual harassment. Our community should feel safe when interacting with the site or its personnel.

No Retaliation

Side 7 prohibits retaliation against any person who reports or participates in an investigation of a possible violation of our code of ethics, policies, or the law. If you feel you're being retaliated against, please contact Bad Karma directly at admin (at) side7 (dot) com .