Maria McGuigan

Cassandra by @ebm (Maria McGuigan)

First artwork of 2021!

It’s another old ass Zelda OC.

She’s completely revamped from how she looked 20 years ago.

She’s basically a minion for Ganondorf that wants to be more powerful than she is.

She burnt down her village to show Ganondorf her loyalty to him along with her brother.

Wanting to feel like a ruler, she took in one of the other villagers, Matilda as her own sort of minion. She uses the safety of Matilda’s family to keep her on a short leash. Cassandra soon meets her fate when Matilda finds out Cassandra actually did kill her family and was using her. Matilda goes after the brother as well but he seemingly escapes.

It’s not the best background but this is all I have so far. She’s always evolving like my other characters. © 2022 Maria McGuigan

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1y287d ago
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