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Encountering Evil + SPEEDPAINT [Apr 23, 2016]
Encountering Evil + SPEEDPAINT [Apr 23, 2016] by @Fireseeker_Arts (Fireseeker Arts)

Had to skip another piece again for this one. This is my eighth installment for my seventh looked bad. Come to think of it, around the end point of my narrative piece I started to fumble. It's kinda a shame since it's where I would have made the climax of this story where the girl finally fights Incertus. Ah well. This was one of the scenes where Incertus tries to intimidate the girl into submission, making himself look huge and monsterous. I've sometimes seen anxiety a bit like that; that feeling of extreme overwhelming dread once faces when they try to do something for the first time on their own; that feeling of looking down from the ledge of the branch and seeing just how high you are. It's the feeling where the "What if senerios" and the self doubts dance in your brain and snowball to the point of panic. The more fearful or doubtful you are the larger that monster can be. That fear becomes so overwhelming and suffocating to where you sometimes just give up at the last minute. For years, that has been a struggle of mine and still is sometimes. It just disguises itself as different scenarios I face within my daily life.

Speedpaint: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U27QNMW506w&ab_channel=FireseekerA47

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