Unfortunately this was all for naught as the beam Lapis hops over ends up engulfing Nicole instead and yet another beam of light reaches Lapis in midair. Darwin (an Inkling) uses his Splattershot to shoot ink onto the ground and then tries to hide in it, only to have yet another of Galeem's beams of light ram into the ground, decimating him. Mordecai (Falco) is shown in his Arwing attempting to make his escape but his exceptional flying skills are just not enough to evade the persistent tendrils of light and he ends up getting taken down by multiple beams all at once. Both Clarence and Belson and are seen flying away with the Power of Flight bestowed unto them by Melanie Baker (Palutena) who attempts to buy the two angels more of a chance to escape by summoning a Reflect Barrier in the hopes of suppressing Galeem's attack. With little effort, however, the goddess is simply vaporized by a beam which causes the (normally flightless) angelic duo to lose their ability to fly, resulting in the two angels getting wiped out by a beam of light in midair. A lone cardboard box is shown on the cliff's edge, hiding away Hoss Delgado (Solid Snake) only to have a beam prove the espionage expert's attempt futile. Both Bubbles & Octi (Rosalina & Luma) and Lazlo (Diddy Kong) attempt to fly away from the onslaught but all three are eventually swallowed by the beams. Finally a group consisting of Pearl (Wii Fit Trainer), Courage the Cowardly Dog (Duck Hunt) and Greg (Villager) eventually end up getting engulfed by the light.

Amidst the massacre, Chowder (Kirby) is shown flying away from a legion of Galeem's beams of light via his Kimchi (Warp Star). After deviating from many of them, the frequency of the Warp Star's blipping noise increases rapidly in intensity as Chowder attempts to push its power to its absolute limit, resulting in it moving at warp speed, temporarily warping Chowder to another plane of existence just before the aforementioned series of beams could swallow it and Chowder along with it. From this point onward, the beams are then shown atomizing various other characters who aren’t fighters into oblivion. The scene then transitions to the planet in its entirety being engulfed by Galeem's light with said light slowly expanding throughout the galaxy, engulfing and vaporizing multiple planets. Eventually the deadly light produced by the deity-like being erases the entire universe, leaving nothing in its wake. The planet on which the ordeal started is now left as nothing more than a barren wasteland with its remains currently inhabited by the now-hostile souls of the characters who aren’t fighters. A glimmer of light is seen on the horizon, later revealed to be none other than Chowder, who has ended up becoming the sole survivor of Galeem's onslaught upon the universe, and makes a rough emergency landing into a nearby canyon. As he recovers from his crash-landing, he looks towards a vast landscape consisting of various areas, some of which are recognizable as coming from the fighters' old worlds. The landscape, constructed by Galeem, is none other than the World of Light.

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