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Zonic The Zone Cop
Zonic The Zone Cop by @Weasel_Silver24 (Miss D. (Debra))

Oooh! I have been itching to post a picture since Side7 upgraded, and now I got a picture finished... Upload time! YAY! ^_^

Zonic The Zone Cop comes from a "Perpendicular Zone", he protect all kinds zones (I think) In Sonic issue 196, Sonic defeated Scourge (aka Evil Sonic) and I'm wondering if this means Zonic makes appearance again in the next issue? That is one of the reasons I did Zonic, and another reason is not too many have ever draw Zonic before. Although if you search "Zonic" (just put "Zonic" in) you can find a Zonic picture here on Side7.

Noticed the shadows on Zonic, cross-hatching on his belt, and the picture itself. I hope you will enjoy this, and all comments are always welcome! :)

Drew by hand with H2 and HB pencil, scanned, outlined and colored on Adobe Photoshop CS with a Graphic Tablet.

COPYRIGHT NOTICE: Zonic The Zone Cop is from the Archie Comics' Sonic The Hedgehog comic series. Sonic The Hedgehog belongs to (C) Sega. This drawing & idea is from (C) 2009 Miss D. (Debra)

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