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Henry Stickmin Reanimated Collab - Progress Shots
Henry Stickmin Reanimated Collab - Progress Shots by Shade Lulu (@Shadane)

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As promised, here's my part! I put way too much effort into this animation; I could have made it flat backgrounds and flat shading like in the actual game, but I wanted to go the extra mile and add my usual style in this, on top of forgetting to add the headset to Charles' microphone while making this, but all of the panic was worth it in the end! I'd like to thank my boyfriend Breadface/Dylphis for supporting me and my projects, PuffballsUnited for creating the Henry Stickmin series which had a positive influence in my childhood, and the Henry Stickmin Reanimated team for the opportunity; I hope you enjoyed it!

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6d6h ago
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