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Lunarism is a belief system that believes that the Earth’s moon is a sacred gift from the cosmos.

Origins: Arabian Peninsula (Oman)

Founder: Princess Yara (1214-1267)

Core values:

Respect your fellow homo sapiens and other animals Meditation is the key Promote peace, condemn violence and abuse Appreciate the moon Protect the children

The Lunar Surface is a paradise made up of beautiful starry skies of outer space, a rocky terrain with craters full of silver glitter star dust, and the view of the Earth, the sun, Venus, the asteroid belt, and Mars. The Moon Goddess lives there.

The Venusian Lava Pit is a hostile place where it’s 450°F and the Venusian Cats devours the bodies of those who’ve done horrible things to people and animals.

Good Deeds:

Being kind to Animals Being a good role model and guidance to the children around you Fight against violence and abuse to make the world a better safer place Use your hands for creative art, NOT destruction


Abusing humans Animal cruelty Condoning violence Hate ideologies


Lunar Prayers are held at 12:00 AM at midnight, except if the moon is whaned completely The full moon is seen a sign that someone is blessed, in the Lunar Shrines, the mirrors are used to reflect the moonlight onto those who are considered to be blessed Lunarians sleep during the hot days from 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM The new moon means to reflect yourself, reflect your life, and take a look at how far you’ve come


Lunar Nights

How long it lasts: 12 days

On October 4th to the 16th, Lunar Nights celebrates those who were born during the full moon or the super moon, peace, community, and is also a family gathering. The rituals are the Lunar Prayers are held at 1:00 AM and 2:00 AM. The silver glitter is sprinkled to those might be born during the 12 day celebration. The Lunarians welcome the Moon Goddess that visits the Earth’s Lunar Shrines. Most Lunarians dress up in traditional Persian clothes to show friendship across the Persian Gulf from Oman to Iran. During the 9:00 PM feast, they eat dates, hummus, pita bread, poultry, rice, dizi, and Zereshk Polo Ba Morgh.

Largest population: Canada

Smallest population: Spain

Common Languages Spoken: Arabic, Farsi, Castallian, English, and French (Canada)

Lunarism by @FurryKittens (Cheesy Wirt)

This doesn't reflect the real world, keep that in mind. It's just me expressing my fantasies.

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