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Betrayal at the Back Gates of Camelot
Betrayal at the Back Gates of Camelot by Gina Marie (@GinaMarie)

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This is not the final scan, but only a photograph of the piece. It is being drum scanned due to its size. Forgive the blurry spots, a photographer I am NOT! LOL!!!

Medium: Watercolor Size of Piece: 24" by 19" Inspiration: The legend of Arthur is much older than the period this piece is loosely modeled after. Great debate over exactly where Arthur came from and what he did in his time, is still entertained to this very day. In the French chivalric romances and their successors, the tale of Arthur becomes more than just a story of a great leader. Treachery most foul is mixed into the tale giving it that melodramatic feel of the great romances of that age. All though not really true to the tales, I have chosen to portray the perfidy of Lancelot and Guinevere, inspired by those torrid French chivalric romances. In this piece Lancelot and Guinevere try to sneak out the back gate of Camelot, were they are caught by Arthur.

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17 years and 246 days ago
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