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Listen to your Heart + SPEEDPAINT [Aug 27, 2015]
Listen to your Heart + SPEEDPAINT [Aug 27, 2015] by @Fireseeker_Arts (Fireseeker Arts)

Another old WR/DR scene with a scrapped character. Finanna [the dragon on the left] was supposed to be this nymph character I had that sorta acts as a mentor character for Fireseeker and a love interest for Seek's brother, Bantyo (now named Nightember). However, I was not sure where to put her in the story so she is kinda scrapped.. at least for now until I make her into something else.

Speedpaint: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cgH3qPtmT8s&ab_channel=FireseekerA47

Art and characters belong to me

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