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SHOW ME YOUR REAL POWER, FALSE GOD! + SPEEDPAINT [July 20, 2015] by @Fireseeker_Arts (Fireseeker Arts)

Another thing I used to draw but not as often anymore are OC interactions. Back when I used to have a footing on DA, I would enjoy drawing interactions with my characters and an old friend of mine's character: Ike Blackheart. In this case, it was inspired by a roleplay we both did where Ira, who at the time was an arrogant wrathful demon, challenges the God in strength, pissing him off enough to where the two would fight. While the interaction was short it inspired me to create this scene where both are duking it out at their full power.

Ike, (now known as Angel_Studios on Twitter) was a big inspiration to me. I have always loved their art and their characters and always wanted to know more about them. Unfortunately we do not talk much anymore. Ever since DA Eclipse we migrated elsewhere. I try to keep in touch but we sorta just stopped talking. It was a shame but if they ever see this I want them to know that they will always be a huge inspiration to me and I hope to keep in touch again.

Here's the speed process of this piece: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SxpHr61EBUA&ab_channel=FireseekerA47

Art made by me Ira belongs to me Ike belongs to Angel_Studios

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