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Belladonna by Gina Marie (@GinaMarie)

Belladonna Her beauty enchanted him from the very first. Shy mysterious smile, skin pale, very fair, Striking ebony wings, dark gossamer hair. All served to wet his deepest thirst.

So he sent her a message of his affection. Spoken with flowers, a way to express, His deep felt attraction, his need for success. An abiding infatuation in her perfection.

Carnation to signal his heart a flutter. Variegated tulips, tribute to glorious eyes, Rose bud of white, of his pure love cries. Cedar, for the "I live for thee" he can not mutter.

A switch of witch hazel for the spell he is under. Honeysuckle for hope of devoted care, Austrian rose for all that is lovely they might share. Currant, because her frown would cause him to blunder.

Alas, he was destined for cruelest heart break! Her name should have clued him, so sweet, so fair, her hypnotic beauty, an addictive deadly snare. Away he flew, the truth to bitter to take. Prose Gina Marie May 2004

Watercolor Painted with Koi Watercolors, on 100% cotton 300lb, cold press, Kilamanjaro water color paper. Signed and dated.

18 years and 204 days ago
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