Duskie blinked. This... was not anywhere he's seen before. As if he had just woken up here out of the blue...

... Perhaps if he stayed put and did stuff to pass the time, that would help...

First order of business: What was he wearing?!

Looked like armor, perhaps blued to be this shade of black, and maybe painted? Or bloodstained...

What in the hell?

"I'm feelin' all true blue, because I don't have my dad with me and I'm all alone on this throne and scared in this throne~ room~" Duskie sung the blues, pretending like he had a guitar to strum (badly). "I wanna be with~ you~"

Duskie sat and reminisced on the time a town wouldn't sell him and Dad alcohol because it was a Sunday. Dad said something about how 'blue laws', whatever those mean- laws set by royalty?, don't apply in the South.

"Dad?!" Duskie whimpered, his cries going unheard. "Dad..."

He felt rather blue, alone in a demon's throne room...

Wait... Was he the demon?

He felt... even bluer with the possibility.

Duskie then, unaware of what to do next, flopped face down on the ground like one of the neko atsume cats, and hoped for his dad to appear.

Only to hear the sound... of landing.

And a gasp.

"My lord!" The feminine voice yelled, and ran over to him. "My lord, are you alright?"

Duskie stayed perfectly still and limp as the stranger checked his pulse and then breathed a sigh of relief. "My lord... you still remain within this realm..."

Duskie suddenly, as if out of the blue, sneezed. Quite loudly.

"... My lord?"

Now was a good time to get up, so Duskie did that, and mumbled. "... Sorry, dragon lady, but..."

"... My lord? Your words fade before they reach my ears... "

"I don't know who you are!" He instinctively moved to tug on his red bandana, but found it replaced with... a blue collar?

In the 'far room' of his mind, he could hear the words "weird sex game...", followed by a bit louder, but still faint, "Silence!"...

Seemed like his brothers won't be much help this time.

"... My name is Commander Mina, Lord Oersted." So the dragon girl knew his real name? Creepy. "... So you lack memory? How much is lost? Do you remember enough to soar to Lucretia?"

"Can you call me Duskie and not Oersted, please? Only my dad can call me that... It feels weird otherwise." He asked- and then processed that last question. "... Wait. Soar? Fly?! Do I own an airship or something?! And I don't know any town by that name, sorry!"

"... You have no memories of both kingdoms you rule? Perhaps the stress of it has gotten to you, my lord." Mina softly pat Duskie on the head. "I shall teach you flight and lift your spirits at once!"

"... How we dragons teach our young to fly is simple." Mina said, holding Duskie while flying way over the ground. "Dragon young are durable enough to handle rough landings, and you too are, my lord."

The implications of her title for him suddenly hit Duskie. "Wait-I'm royalty?! Blue blood?!" The implications of her current words then hit him next. "Wait! YOU'RE GONNA THROW ME?!"

"Indeed." And then, she chucked him.

Duskie landed face first into a house, and somehow ended up with only a minor ache in his body, instead of his bones breaking or something.

The door opened.

"Who dares bother the Royal Priest?" A bald monk shouted. "Especially in his act of wor- Your Highness!" He ran over to Duskie, and Duskie stepped back.

"I... Uh... Don't know who you are!" He blurted.

"You have lost memory?" The monk spoke. "Then... I am Uranus-"

"Uranus?" Duskie cracked up. "Uranus?"

Uranus froze long enough that he was beginning to get blue in the face, and then Mina swooped over and snatched Duskie.

"It's only once in a blue moon that a youngling succeeds on their first try." She said, soaring in the air. "But I believe in you, Lord Duskie."

"Hands off His Highness!" A guard shouted from below.

... That was a lot of guards below. A concerning amount. At least, to Duskie. Already, he was thinking- they get him and Mina, lock them both up in the dungeon, then Mina gives her life-

Duskie was interrupted by being thrown, and the last thing he saw before landing was Mina breathing fire upon all the guards.

Duskie landed in the river, but for a second he had thought he landed in the deep blue sea.

He got out, shook himself off the best he could, and looked in his own reflection in the pond.

That sure did look like himself. Even with his hat gone, bandana replaced, and in demonic-looking armor instead of his own comfortable clothing, that was still him.

Mina swept him up while he was thinking, and he yelped in surprise.

Instead of chucking him around a third time, Mina flew him to the same place he had woken up I- the Devil's Peak, as she called it. (Not really a good sign...)

She then excused herself to go change after wrapping Duskie in a towel.

She came back in a white chef's outfit. "Welcome to Chef Mina's!" She said. "... It's a long story how I got this outfit. What would you like?"

Duskie snorted. "I'd like the blue plate special, please!"

"... The what?"

"... Uh..."

"My lord, you can have whatever your heart desires, just as long as it is not made from the flesh of sapient beings."

"W-Why do you have to make that distinction?!"

"... I will say pork will be used as substitute for any dishes that would usually require human flesh, however."

"That's... uh... um..." Duskie whimpered. "... Can I have... chocolate cake? Please..."

"Indeed, my lord!" Mina saluted. "I will prepare it at once!"

Duskie smiled, and waited patiently for his food.

Upon the third blue streak of cussing that came from the kitchen, Duskie had a feeling Mina was having cooking problems.

She walked out of the kitchen, no cake in sight and with a grim face. "My lord... This recipe... requires many ingredients we lack. Shall we go to a human bakery?"

"That's alrighty!" Duskie smiled. "It's still cake and it's still tasty!"

Duskie, now actually looking forward to being thrown considering he can't even feel any aches from when he crashed right on a house earlier, smiled as Mina grabbed him and took flight.

The night sky was a true blue, and the stars sparkled and shimmered.

"Focus, my lord." Mina prepared to throw Duskie. "Ready your wings."

This time, Duskie did not crash land.

The fact that he was gliding surprised Duskie at first, seeing red wings out of the corner of his eye.

Admiring the skies up close, he could see- the moon was blue!

How special... A special day where he awakened in a strange new world...

Perhaps this is a once in a blue moon occurrence?


He saw a bakery below, and dove down.

"Hey, can I have a chocolate cake, please?" Duskie asked the baker girl. "I could make it myself, if you want!"

"You? Your Highness? Make it yourself?" The girl put a hand to her wood-colored chin. "... I'd be honored." She handed him a blueprint for the cake, and he got to work.

Now, you may wonder... How does one make cake in the medieval times, where ovens... probably don't exist? The answer is fire magic.

Duskie flew, balancing the (rather well made) cake on a plate, risking getting cake blueballs.

To the peak he goes...

"Mina, who's that boy in blue?" Duskie asked over cake, pointing to a painting of an androgynous looking mage with blue hair.

"That is your husband, my lord."

Duskie blushed. "He's... very pretty."

"Such is why you married him, my lord."

After the meal, Duskie went out to look for violets (and eat rocks. He hasn't eaten much today, aside from the cake.)

"Let's see... Blue's Clues..." He did an impression of the main guy. "Kids, where are the violets?" He spotted them out of the corner of his eye. "That's right kids, there they are!"

"Roses are red, violets are blue..." Duskie muttered, holding the violets in his arms. "I'm really... in love with you..." His voice wavered, and Mina gave him a reassuring shoulder pat.

"You two are already joined in marriage, my lord." She spoke. "You have yet no worry."

"B-But... What if I scare her off?!"

"... As if you even could."

Duskie blinked. The morning sun shone on him in his bed.

Was it all just a dream? A blue memory?

"It was not a dream, Duskfall-"


Oh. Did you explain it well?

"He still was glaring at us at the end of it."

"Glad you appreciate our Hibiscus' dear beauty, at the least."

Duskie then got out of bed, walked out of his room, and was greeted by a present being chucked at his face.

"It was at the door."

He took a look at it. Wrapped in lovely hearts, tied with a blue ribbon...

The tag said "To Duskie, from Mina."

Duskie shreked with joy, and ran back into his and Dad's room to open it, ripping the ribbon and tearing apart the wrapping.

It was gemstones. Beautiful blue gemstones.

Duskie shed a happy tear. What amazing snacks to eat later!

Blue by @HimejoshiHeart (Chibi)
made for rainbowfic : 3
image from rainbowlists!
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