Account Questions

  • What are the different types of accounts?

    There is just one type of account on Side 7. That said, there are also additional account perk features, such as additional storage space, monthly Featured Artist tokens, and many others. These additional perks can be purchased with S7 Credits to permanently add them to your account. If you choose to add a subscription to your account, instead, all Perks will be added to your account for the duration of the subscription. Any perks that have not been individually purchased will not be in effect once the subscription ends.

  • Will my account expire or be removed?

    Accounts on Side 7 do not expire, and are not removed, unless one of the following events happen:

    1. A new account has no activity or uploaded images within the first couple of weeks of existence.
    2. A member requests the termination of their account.

    Side 7 understands that things happen that can cause great lengths of inactivity. We do not consider this inactivity as grounds for removing an account. Members that request their accounts be removed will have all files removed from our system. However, accounts that are removed for cause will have all files maintained for comparison's sake with future applicants. These files will neither be distributed, nor be available to the public.

  • My account status says it's Pending Approval

    The status of "Pending Approval" means one of two things:

    1. You have not, yet, followed the link in the account activation e-mail you received.
    2. There was an issue with your account that the administrative staff needs to look into before your account activation e-mail can be sent.

    If you think you haven't received an account activation e-mail, double-check your e-mail account's SPAM or Junk Mail folders. Often times, e-mail providers such as or treat automated e-mails as Junk Mail even though they're legitimate.

    If there still is no e-mail, there might have been an issue that the admins need to look into, first. If this is the case, you'll hear from the administrative staff very soon. Otherwise, feel free to contact the administration staff at admin (at) side7 (dot) com .

  • When will my account be activated?

    All accounts are activated and fully accessible as soon as you follow the confirmation link in the account activation e-mail. That e-mail is sent out immediately after you submit your account information to the site, barring any problems.

    Accounts are generally submitted to the system without problem, but all account applications are passed through a number of security checks to ensure a lack of problems occur (such as duplicate account submissions, bot attacks, etc.). If, for some reason, your account submission is flagged by the security system, the administrative staff are notified of the problem so they can manually check the account and send the account approval e-mail. False alarms in this regard are very rare.

  • What is Side 7's policy on administrative staff changing information in my account?

    The administrative staff of Side 7 will not, under any circumstances, make changes to anyone's account without notifying the member of the change and the reasons the change happened.

    Generally speaking, no administrative staff member will make changes to a member's account unless the member has not complied with a request to make a change, or the issue so severely breaks the site rules that an immediate change is necessary. In any case, notification will always be sent to the member at the e-mail address on record in the member's account.

    If you have noticed changes to your account, and you have not received any notification from an administrator, please contact the administrative staff immediately at admin (at) side7 (dot) com.

  • Can anyone get into my account besides me?

    The answer to this question should be "no'. Typically speaking, the only persons able to access your account should be you, and the administrative staff. Not even the Side 7 moderators have the capability to access a member's account.

    However, never, ever hand out your password to anyone. By giving someone your password, you have given them complete control over your account. They can do anything to and with your account at that point, and the person responsible for any problems or issues created is you.

  • Can I link directly to hosted content?

    This is somewhat of a complicated subject.

    You may link directly to a content page in your gallery. However, you may not directly hotlink that content to have it display on a web page outside of Side 7.

    A hotlink is using HTML code on one website to directly display content hosted on another website. This amounts to bandwidth theft which costs the hosting site money.

    To link to a content page in your gallery, use the following URL:

  • What are S7 Credits?

    S7 Credits act as a kind of Side 7 currency. S7 credits are earned primarily through participation in the community at large. Such participation includes activities such as:

    • constructive comments on other people's artwork
    • contests
    • volunteering time to the site
    • birthday anniversaries
    • and other activities as announced by the admins.

    The credit balance may be viewed from within your User Dashboard home page.

    When enough credits have been earned, they may be spent on such things as account perk upgrades, Featured Artist tokens, and more!