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Red-line me! - Started by: Knibitz
Red-line me! EDIT!
Posted: 04 Oct 2006, 04:24 PM
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OK, I've been out of human drawing for the LONGEST time, and my anatomy has gone down hill...FAST.

Redline me please?

I photoshoped it, instead of finishing the drawing in oekaki (got frusturated over lineart) and this is what I got:

Still red line me!
I know the arms are messed up (they are completley different lengths) so if someone knew how to straighten that out, that would be great :)
Posted: 04 Oct 2006, 05:06 PM
Sorry, too lazy to redline, but I'm happy to offer tips, anyway. Personally, I think the anatomy for the most part is fine. The dress obviously helps to hide a good bit of her body and what's showing looks okay to me.

You're on the right track for the head, just need some more curves in there. What I find helps me do a profile is to start with a very light line curving inward from the nose and have the mouth and chin follow that line. The lips come out a little bit, of course, and so does the chin, but you want a slight indentation between the lower lip and chin. Also, bring in the outline of her head above the nose right at eye level just a little.

I don't have much in my own gallery to show by way of example, but you can get an idea of what I'm going for in this image. (As a warning, there is slight nudity in the image.)

Hope this helps.
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