Rules update - No AI Art

Posted: Thursday, 15 December, 2022 @ 02:57 PM
Posted By: BadKarma

While programs like Lensa and Midjourney are becoming popular, they use vast databases of existing artwork to train these programs to generate art. In most cases, the artists who made those artworks did not give consent to have their artwork used in this manner. As a result, the artwork generated by these AI programs resembles and mimics the art and style of these artists, and in many situations are robbing these artists of income.

This is a hot topic and very politicized, usually by people who don't understand how these programs work, are trained, or how they affect professional and amateur artists alike with regards to finding paid work.

Here at Side 7, we are determined not to be part of the problem. As a result, AI generated work is not allowed to be submitted to Side 7.