v5.21 is live! Queued post improvements and more!

Posted: Saturday, 02 December, 2023 @ 03:58 AM
Posted By: BadKarma

This update brings the following fixes and features:

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug notifications for new forum posts weren't going out.
  • Fixed a bug posting inappropriate posts to the Latest Active Threads on the main page.
  • Fixed a bug preventing List view of Portfolios.
  • Fixed a bug preventing the use of UTF8 characters in upload titles.

New Features:

  • Updated the ratings rules to clarify how the depiction of weapons in uploads should be rated.
  • Added a link to the index page to show more of the newest members to join Side 7.
  • Updated all member references to emphasize the username over the public name.
  • Updated content tooltips to display the date the content posted on rather than the date it was submitted on.
  • Updated the main menu to include a universal Submit prompt, and reorganized other menu options.
  • Improved the Queued Posts experience to have them post when expected, and to notify friends and followers when queued posts are published.
  • Added the ability to send S7 Credits to another site member.