Upcoming Changes to Forum Signatures

Posted: Friday, 12 January, 2024 @ 06:41 PM
Posted By: BadKarma

This upcoming site update is mostly bug fixes. However, it's also bringing with it a new forums signature system. Included in that system are things like having both graphical and text signatures, having more control over how you see signatures in the forums, and better signature maintenance.

The change that will affect those with forums signatures most noticeably comes from a large number of complaints and comments that I've received via Discord, email, and DMs: signature size. Some current signatures are very, very large, causing others to have to scroll a significant amount to move from one post to the next post, and this can have a dramatic impact on their viewing experience especially for those who primarily use mobile devices to view the site. This may seem minor, but for many people it is not.

With the next update, forum signatures images will be limited to 200px in height, as will text signatures. That means a total of 400px of height between the two if you use both. If you have an oversized forum signature image, it will be scaled down to fit within the 200px maximum automatically.

Thanks for your understanding.