v5.22 Has Gone Live! Forum Signature Changes, Bug Fixes, and More!

Posted: Tuesday, 23 January, 2024 @ 10:05 PM
Posted By: BadKarma

v5.22 brings to the site the following:

Bug Fixes:

  • Cleaned up presentation of Public Names across the site.
  • Fixed and future-proofed Javascript calls to not break on apostrophes.
  • Fixed date/time display in news articles showing in wrong timezone.
  • Fixed IP Address tracking on content and journal comments.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented members who opted into hiding from the user directory from being hidden from search.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed direct messages to be sent from the Contact page even when DMs were disallowed.
  • Fixed portfolios so that emojis can be used in the biography text.
  • Fixed a bug preventing characters without tags from being updated and saved.
  • Fixed a bug preventing user blocks from hiding journal posts from the blocked user.

New Features:

  • Added birthday and cakeday celebration messages and gifts.
  • Added listing of portfolios an upload belongs to, if any, on the content page.
  • Added links to the latest journal entries.
  • Added <div> as an accepted HTML tag.
  • Added height restriction to Forum Signature images.
  • Added ability to add a text signature to Forum Signatures.
  • Added ability to adjust justification of Forum Signature image.
  • Added setting to be able to hide signatures in forum posts.
  • Changed muting threads to subscribing to threads. Users are no longer automatically subscribed to threads they post in. Subscriptions for notifications are now opt-in.
  • Added a Subscribed Threads management page where users can manage the threads they are subscribed to from one place.