v5.23 Is Live! New Editor And Other Features And Bug Fixes!

Posted: Sunday, 26 May, 2024 @ 03:29 PM
Posted By: BadKarma

v5.23 is live and it brings some new functionality. You may need to clear your cache to get some of the new features.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed forum post publishing so the date is in line with when the post is published.
  • Fixed a bug causing animated .gifs using partial frame saves to have scrambled thumbnails. Thumbnails now are viewable as expected. Refreshing your thumbnails may be necessary.
  • Fixed an issue causing forum posts, threads, content comments, and journal comments to be deleted when the associated user account was deleted.
  • Fixed a bug where messages were marked 'read' if the sender looked at it in the Sent box.
  • Fixed a bug preventing messages that were replied to from being marked as replied to.

New Features:

  • Updated site text editor. More consistent text rendering, new editor features, and better formatting.
  • Added the new text editor to Forums posting.
  • Made some back-end improvements on trouble-ticket handling.
  • Added view count to news items.
  • Visibility on earned S7 Credits has been improved. You will now be notified when you earn them.
  • New submissions can now be directly added to Portfolios and Groups upon upload.