Sexual Content Definitions and Acceptability

Why do we have these definitions?

We recognize that there are many types of sexual content, and that some of it can be very controversial. Therefore, we are defining here what we allow and do not allow, and what we consider to be content of a particular type. We do this so that there should be no question of if an upload's content is allowed, and to prevent controversy, arguments, and confustion. This is by no means an exhaustive list, and may be updated in the future if necessary.

Allowed Content

In all content that contains sexual material, depicted characters must be (A) of adult status, and (B) involved consensually. If either of these factors is missing, the content does not belong on Side 7.

Adult Status

By adult status, we mean non-minor. The characters involve cannot be a child, or child-like. By convensional terms, here in the U.S., that means a character would need to be at least 18 years of age. Anything below that potentially constitutes child pornography, which can result in Side 7 being shut down.


The characters involved must all be consenting to the actions being depicted. This means that all of the characters need to be sapient, adult characters with the ability to express affirmative consent.

Disallowed Content


Bestiality is defined as engaging in sexual acts with an animal. Because animals do not have the ability to consent to these acts, this content is not allowed.


Incest is defined as people who are blood-related and familial engaging in sexual acts. This topic is highly controvercial in nature, and invites problematic content. Because of this, this content is not allowed.


Rape is defined as the forced, non-consensual, and often violent engagement in sexual acts. Because of the violent and non-consensual nature of these acts, this content is not allowed.