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20 October, 2001
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Welcome, all and one. Call me Cyn or Nova, as you please. Kindly respect that I'm a woman and I do not like being referred to as They/Them.

I'm an old lady who's been scrawling forever, but I still have no idea what I'm doing. I use Clip Studio Paint Pro, a Clip Studio Tab-Mate, and my Z-book 2-in-1 for digital art. Sometimes I remember to record the timelapse, and you can find those on my YouN00b channel. I'm down to chat and love making new friends, so don't be shy. Don't be creepy, either, though. I don't have any patience for that nonsense.

My account is older than some of the members here. The descriptions I wrote may be out of date lore-wise, and/or the coding might be broken. I do intend to update my hyperlinks and text formatting eventually. I just need to find the time.

My Friendship is 110% open and available. Codes are available! If you want to join, I will give you one for free, you need only ask.

Art Trades are almost always open, and I don't really mind your skill level. All that matters to me is that you put in a fair amount of effort and complete your half on time. Artists way out of my league were very kind to me when I was starting out, and I love to repay that, however I can. I'm happy to give new people an opportunity to work with me.

Collaborations are something I will consider. I enjoy dropping into a fun YCH open collab from time to time, or hosting one of my own. If you have an idea for a project (that doesn't amount to me working for free, for something that only benefits you), send a DM or catch me on Telegram. Please take a moment to introduce yourself before launching into business, thanks.

Commissions are closed for the time being. My routine is not predictable enough to commit to paid art projects, and I'm managing some art-related stress and strain injuries. It's better that I refrain, for now.

Free Requests are not something I offer. Unless we are close friends who communicate somewhat regularly, or, unless your idea mainly focuses on my characters, please don't ask. I hate saying no, but, I won't say yes. There are, however, many opportunities for you to earn free art from me. Some are limited (such as, joining my YCHs or other events), and some are always open, to those with a keen eye (such as my Trivia Questions, which are scattered randomly across the Interwebs). If you can find and solve my questions, send a private message to discuss it with me.

Roleplaying holds no interest for me. If we agree that our characters might get along (or fight nicely), I am open to discussing interactions and lore mingling. But, the extent of my participation will be to write or draw out our dumb little scenes. Don't ask me to play them out.

I like to draw Furries, Mobians, Humanoids, Monsters, and Animals. Also okay with mechs, tech, and armor. Less experienced with vehicles, but not opposed to trying. Can do wings, but I don't enjoy trying to cram them into a picture; it's not easy for me and I'd rather not. All ages, teen, and mature ratings are all fine for me. My mature art leans more towards gore and edgy topics than anything kinky.

I will not draw Babies, children, or pregnancy, with the rare exception of doing so for my own story-telling purposes. I refuse to draw these things for art trades. I am also uncomfortable with drawing characters with "hyper" anatomy -- freakishly huge bobos, insane amounts of muscle, or any other hyper fetishized body part. I'm cool with drawing different body types, but I won't cater to anyone's whack kinks.